Choosing The Right Roofing Material For Your Roof Replacement Project in Memphis

Is your roof leaking or simply in need of a new roof from age? Having your home’s roof replaced can be a stressful experience, not only because of the cost, but the pressures of hiring the right contractor and deciding on the best colors and materials for your home. Working with an experienced Memphis roofer can help ease the burden of this process. However, in this article, our goal is to help educate you on the numerous options you have available to choose from when you replace your home’s roof.

Asphalt Shingle

The most popular, and commonly used roofing material in the United States is asphalt shingles. While asphalt shingles have a nice cosmetic aesthetic to them, the main reason for their national popularity is in the cost. Asphalt shingles are the most commonly thought of material when someone thinks of replacing their roof. Installing shingles require the least amount of expertise and skill compared to a slate or tile roof which are more specialty. This cost savings can also be seen through crews that work on shingle roofs everyday, lowering the cost since it is less difficult.

Shingles are an excellent option because it provides numerous color options for homeowners to choose from. There are also numerous styles, such as 3-tab, architectural and designer shingles. These style and color options allow for homeowner’s to find the ‘right’ look for their home.

If you are looking for a roofing material that offers top insulation, shingle may not be the best fit for your needs as compared to a material like metal. Shingle roofs may also be the most inexpensive, but they also offer a shorter life-span than other materials. A shingle roof may last 15-20 years. However, while a metal roof may be double the cost, you may be able to get 50 years from a metal roof, or 100 years from a slate roof! It is important to understand that cost of your roofing material is relative to the quality and potential lifespan of it a well!

Metal Roofing

Over the years, we have seen metal roofs in the Memphis-Jackson area increasing with tremendous popularity. Not just for homes, but for commercial buildings, flat roofs, sheds, barns, garages, patios, and many other buildings! One of the reasons for the rise in popularity for metal roofs is the increasing choice of colors and styles of metal shingles.

Metal roofs are one of the most durable materials on the marketplace, particularly at its price point. Metal holds up extremely well to the elements, particularly hail, rain, wind and snow. A common misconception is that a metal roof will be loud during thunderstorms.

In the above section, we mentioned how asphalt shingles do not offer the best insulation or energy efficiency. Because metal roofs offer solar reflectivity, it can help keep your home cooler during the hot summer months.

Moreover, metal roofs also offer lifespans of 40-50+ years. 50 years is more than double the average lifespan of a shingle roof! While a metal roof is more expensive than a shingle roof, it provides a lot of interesting advantages and perks compared to shingles. Metal is certainly a quality material to consider for your home!

Wood Shingles

Before asphalt shingles grew in mass popularity, wood shingles were one of the most commonly sought after and utilized roofing materials. Wood shingles offer a unique look that you won’t be able to match with asphalt or metal. Depending on the design and feel of your home, wood may be the best fit. Wood also offers more insulation than asphalt and can last up to 30+ years!

Cedar shake tends to be the most commonly used, however this is something that we can discuss with you during your free estimate to see if there is a wood shingle that interests you, at your budget.

Tile Roofing

Tile is one of the most prestigious roofing materials available on the market, however tile tends to be the most expensive. Clay or terracotta tile can give your home a Southwestern feel. For that reason, you also may see a lot of tile in Florida. Tile hold up extremely well to gusting winds, hail, and blistering heat. Concrete tile is fire resistant as well.

A properly installed tile roof can last up to 50 years. While tile offers longevity and energy efficiency, you’ll want to work with a roofing contractor that specializes in tile and has experienced crews working on installing tile.

What is The Right Roofing Material For Your Memphis Home?

As we have outlined in this blog post, there are numerous roofing materials available to Memphis homeowners. To figure out the right roofing material for your home and your needs, you need to ask yourself:

  • Is energy efficiency important to me?
  • What lifespan do I want to get out of my roof (15 years or 50)?
  • What is my budget for my roof replacement project?
  • Am I willing to maintain and have yearly inspections to tune up my roof?
  • What color do I think best suits my home?
  • What style do I feel would best suit my home?
  • Am I interested in a roofing material that will help increase the curb appeal of my house?
  • Does my HOA have any restrictions on the type of roofing material I can use?

It is important to sit down and thoroughly discuss each of these points between all decision makers that own the home. This is an important decision as your new roof is a considerable investment, and one that you want to be happy with for the years to come!

Best Memphis Roofing Contractors

If you’d like to discuss these different roofing materials with a locally trusted, and highly experienced Memphis roofer, then give us a phone call today! We would be happy to sit down and discuss the pros and cons with you on each of these roofing materials. Everyone has a different situation, whether it be on style preferences or budgetary restrictions. If you are in a hail prone city, we can help discuss with you better roofing materials for your geographic location.

There are many decisions to factor when deciding what is the right roofing material for you. To schedule your free appointment, fill out a form on our website or call us today!

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