Choosing The Right Roofing Material For Your Roof Replacement Project in Memphis

Is your roof leaking or simply in need of a new roof from age? Having your home’s roof replaced can be a stressful experience, not only because of the cost, but the pressures of hiring the right contractor and deciding on the best colors and materials for your home. Working with an experienced Memphis roofer can help ease the burden of this process. However, in this article, our goal is to help educate you on the numerous options you have available to choose from when you replace your home’s roof.

Asphalt Shingle

The most popular, and commonly used roofing material in the United States is asphalt shingles. While asphalt shingles have a nice cosmetic aesthetic to them, the main reason for their national popularity is in the cost. Asphalt shingles are the most commonly thought of material when someone thinks of replacing their roof. Installing shingles require the least amount of expertise and skill compared to a slate or tile roof which are more specialty. This cost savings can also be seen through crews that work on shingle roofs everyday, lowering the cost since it is less difficult.

Shingles are an excellent option because it provides numerous color options for homeowners to choose from. There are also numerous styles, such as 3-tab, architectural and designer shingles. These style and color options allow for homeowner’s to find the ‘right’ look for their home.

If you are looking for a roofing material that offers top insulation, shingle may not be the best fit for your needs as compared to a material like metal. Shingle roofs may also be the most inexpensive, but they also offer a shorter life-span than other materials. A shingle roof may last 15-20 years. However, while a metal roof may be double the cost, you may be able to get 50 years from a metal roof, or 100 years from a slate roof! It is important to understand that cost of your roofing material is relative to the quality and potential lifespan of it a well!

Metal Roofing

Over the years, we have seen metal roofs in the Memphis-Jackson area increasing with tremendous popularity. Not just for homes, but for commercial buildings, flat roofs, sheds, barns, garages, patios, and many other buildings! One of the reasons for the rise in popularity for metal roofs is the increasing choice of colors and styles of metal shingles.

Metal roofs are one of the most durable materials on the marketplace, particularly at its price point. Metal holds up extremely well to the elements, particularly hail, rain, wind and snow. A common misconception is that a metal roof will be loud during thunderstorms.

In the above section, we mentioned how asphalt shingles do not offer the best insulation or energy efficiency. Because metal roofs offer solar reflectivity, it can help keep your home cooler during the hot summer months.

Moreover, metal roofs also offer lifespans of 40-50+ years. 50 years is more than double the average lifespan of a shingle roof! While a metal roof is more expensive than a shingle roof, it provides a lot of interesting advantages and perks compared to shingles. Metal is certainly a quality material to consider for your home!

Wood Shingles

Before asphalt shingles grew in mass popularity, wood shingles were one of the most commonly sought after and utilized roofing materials. Wood shingles offer a unique look that you won’t be able to match with asphalt or metal. Depending on the design and feel of your home, wood may be the best fit. Wood also offers more insulation than asphalt and can last up to 30+ years!

Cedar shake tends to be the most commonly used, however this is something that we can discuss with you during your free estimate to see if there is a wood shingle that interests you, at your budget.

Tile Roofing

Tile is one of the most prestigious roofing materials available on the market, however tile tends to be the most expensive. Clay or terracotta tile can give your home a Southwestern feel. For that reason, you also may see a lot of tile in Florida. Tile hold up extremely well to gusting winds, hail, and blistering heat. Concrete tile is fire resistant as well.

A properly installed tile roof can last up to 50 years. While tile offers longevity and energy efficiency, you’ll want to work with a roofing contractor that specializes in tile and has experienced crews working on installing tile.

What is The Right Roofing Material For Your Memphis Home?

As we have outlined in this blog post, there are numerous roofing materials available to Memphis homeowners. To figure out the right roofing material for your home and your needs, you need to ask yourself:

  • Is energy efficiency important to me?
  • What lifespan do I want to get out of my roof (15 years or 50)?
  • What is my budget for my roof replacement project?
  • Am I willing to maintain and have yearly inspections to tune up my roof?
  • What color do I think best suits my home?
  • What style do I feel would best suit my home?
  • Am I interested in a roofing material that will help increase the curb appeal of my house?
  • Does my HOA have any restrictions on the type of roofing material I can use?

It is important to sit down and thoroughly discuss each of these points between all decision makers that own the home. This is an important decision as your new roof is a considerable investment, and one that you want to be happy with for the years to come!

Best Memphis Roofing Contractors

If you’d like to discuss these different roofing materials with a locally trusted, and highly experienced Memphis roofer, then give us a phone call today! We would be happy to sit down and discuss the pros and cons with you on each of these roofing materials. Everyone has a different situation, whether it be on style preferences or budgetary restrictions. If you are in a hail prone city, we can help discuss with you better roofing materials for your geographic location.

There are many decisions to factor when deciding what is the right roofing material for you. To schedule your free appointment, fill out a form on our website or call us today!

10 Things To Consider Before Hiring any Memphis Roofer

Your roof is one of the most important structures to your home. It is also one of the most valuable assets that you have to your home’s exterior. Any roofing repair or replacement can significantly effect your home’s curb appeal, and your roof’s functionality to shed water. You should be extremely selective in who not only has the right to walk your roof, but work on your roof as well.

As such, we have compiled a list of points to consider before hiring any roofing contractor to work on your home

  1. Proper License & Certifications

When looking for a Memphis roofing contractor to work on your home, it is important to look for one that is properly licensed & certified to work in Memphis & Tennessee. They should meet any local or state mandated qualifications. This is important to know that you are working with a reliable and above board roofing contractor. You do not want to work with someone that could be cutting corners.

  1. Proper Insurance

Roofing is a dangerous trade. It requires climbing high distances on a ladder, and intensive labor from high above. Since the work is being done on your property, as the homeowner, you are liable for the safety of anyone that is on your property. Thus, it is very important to ensure that the roofing contractor that you work with to work on your home is properly insured. Not just for their protection, but YOURS as well. Their insurance policy can protect you from any responsibility if any employee is injured on your property.

  1. Online Reviews & Reputation

Candid reviews and ratings of your potential roofer is a very good indicator of not only their reputation, but performance and competency. Positive reviews are a reflection that customers are happy enough to go online and leave reviews. While negative reviews should be taken with a grain of salt, the same can be said of positive reviews as well. What you should look for is an overall online review profile, and the general consensus of what most previous customers say.

  1. Experience working on Memphis homes & buildings

Experience is extremely important when it comes to choosing a roofer to work on your home. You want to make sure they are masters in their craft, and workmanship and aren’t learning on your time and dime. Ask questions of how long they have been in business, how many roofs they do a month, and for references! The more experienced a roofing contractor is, the more familiar they are with all the types of uncertainties that can pop up in the world of construction.

  1. Trained Crew

The person that sells you the roof is generally not the person putting on the roof. You should also ask questions about the crew that will be installing your new roof. This includes questions of how long the crew has worked for them, if it is an in-house team or subcontractor, and if they have any special training or certifications.

  1. Production Time

Before signing a contract with any roofer, be sure to ask what their turn around time is for production. This can vary for storm and retail work. You want to have an idea of how long it will take before they will put on your roof, and how long it will take them. If it is an insurance claim, it could be longer as they have to work with insurance to ensure the full scope is properly accepted and submitted. Sometimes there can be some back and forth which delays replacement. On a retail scope, if a job is scheduled too quickly it could be a sign of a lack of work or that they cut corners. Too far down the road could be a red flag that there are production issues, and that your roof could be delayed as well. Typically, it should be in the 3-4 week range for a typical shingle roof replacement.

  1. Reasonable Pricing

Of course one of the most important considerations before hiring any roofing company is going to be the price. A roof is an expensive investment. However, price should NOT be your only consideration, or you can get what you pay for. When it comes to roofing, the cheapest option is not always the best option, particularly since not every bid can be compared apples to apples. Different roofing companies use different materials and offer different warranties. You normally want to select the contractor with the the most competitive price in the middle. Too low, and they could be cutting corners or sacrificing quality to give you a cheap price. A bid that is $3,000 lower than everyone else could be a red sign of lower quality materials, and a lower warranty. If a company charges several thousand dollars less, but is out of business in 4 or 5 years and the roof starts leaking, it can become more costly in the long-run.

  1. Contact The Suppliers

Most homeowners don’t know this before making a decision on which roofing contractor to go with, but you can contact the material supplier directly to ask about your roofer. They will be very honest, as they have nothing to gain if they lie. If they have a good reputation, and have a good review from the supplier, that is a great indicator. If they have very little to say, or something negative, that is of course something to be concerned about.

  1. Communication Skills & Transparency

A roofer can be the best in the world, but if they don’t value communication with the customer, they can be a very difficult contractor to work with. From the very beginning, from the first time you call your roofer, you should feel comfortable that they are responsive and value communication. If they show up late to your appointments, that is a red flag. If they aren’t responsive BEFORE you give them money, imagine how they will be after they receive your insurance check or payment for a roof replacement. If you need them to come back to fix something, you may never get ahold of them again. Communication before, during and after are all important.

  1. Having Everything Written Out

It is important to have a contract that clearly outlines everything you and your Memphis roofing company have agreed upon. It should show their license and certification numbers, show materials that will be used, timeframes, warranty information, pricing information, and contingencies if something happens or is discovered that is not previously agreed on. If the contract is hard to understand, that is a red flag. If they do not go through it with you, that is also a red flag. The roofer should create an easy to understand contract that is for both of your benefit. Verbal agreements are unwise, and a hard to understand contract could have hidden fees.

Finding The Best Local Memphis Roofer

When it comes to finding the best contractor in the Memphis metropolitan area, we understand it can be challenging and downright daunting. You need to find a roofing contractor that you feel listens to your needs, and is someone that you are comfortable with. You should feel comfortable asking them any questions that you have, and a friendly staff should make you feel like family, not that you are burdening them with questions. We take pride in our customer first approach, and are here to answer any questions that you may have.

We are one of the most highly referenced roofing contractors in the Memphis area because of our premium craftsmanship and quality to excellence. If you need a local contractor to help install a new roof, help with a roof repair, or inspect for potential storm damage, then give us a call today! We offer one of the most thorough roofing inspections in the industry, and are here to help you however we can!

Over 15 Things to Do in Memphis, Tennessee

Whether you’re from Memphis, or simply visiting for a week, there’s always something to do. Regardless if it is spring, winter, fall or summer, there’s always something fun going on. If you’re into historical landmarks you can check out the Civil Rights Museum, or Beale Street, or if you’re a foodie, you can of course sample some of the best barbecue your taste-buds have ever graced! Memphis is known as the home of rock-n-roll with Beale street and Elvis Presley.

Things to do

Check out Shelby Farms Park! This is an incredible park. It has over 50-acres of land for the buffalo. You can do some sightseeing in the Shelby Farms Park walking the nature trails, there is BMX track, boating, fishing, and even paintball available. This is a park that has a little something for everyone in East Memphis.

Another incredible park to explore is the Overton Park in Midtown. This is about 342 acres of public space and offers free hiking in the Old Forest State Natural Area. Afterwards, head on over to the Brooks Museum.

If you’re looking for a unique ‘taste’ of Memphis, head on over to the Crosstown Concourse. It has an incredibly up and coming village. You can check out one of the food trucks, visit th Crosstown Arts, eat at Mama Gaia, or sit back with friends at the Crosstown Brewing Company.

Beale Street is known as the “home of the blues”. This is a must visit area for anyone new to the city, and any locals that just haven’t had the time to visit. You can check out WC Handy’s House and the Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum. This is the same street where you can find the Memphis Music Hall of Fame.

The Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum was created by the Smithsonian. It showcases musical pioneers from the 30’s to the 70’s. There are numerous galleries to check out, and you’ll want to visit the Gibson Guitar Factory as well. You may also want to visit the Memphis Zoo, which has 500 species and over 3,500 animals to see! The most popular exhibits are the polar bears and sea lions and bald eagles!


If you find you’re ‘thirsty’ while in Memphis, take a brewery tour, or three! Whether you want to visit Ghost River, Memphis Made or High Cotton, there are plenty of incredible breweries around. Several offer taste-testings of their IPA and crafts, and there is even the Memphis Brew Bus to help.

If you’re in the Pinch District, you have to try Comeback Coffee. This is one of the most ‘hip’ coffee shops in all of the Memphis metro area, with not only delicious coffee and pastries and sandwiches, but a very laid back ambiance. Venturing out to Broad Avenue? Lucky Cat has some of the best ramen you’ll find in Memphis! The price is incredible, the food is unbeatable, and the Japanese cocktails are delicious! All of this makes it a no-brainer visit.

The Inspire Community Cafe is sort of like a co-op, that offers delicious coffee, smoothies, and all three courses with incredible gluten-free, and paleo options. They prioritize greens and organic foods, and invest back into the Memphis community. This is a wonderful little restaurant!

Riko’s Kitckin Chicken is in Madison Heights, and some of the best wings to be had in Memphis. Riko’s was initially a food truck, and is now a staple restaurant for many! Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken is also some of the best fried chicken you will ever have. Yes, it will likely be packed. And yes, it may have a bit of a wait. But the chicken is incredibly well seasoned, crispy, and excellent portions. There’s a reason this restaurant has over 3,000 reviews on Google! It’s a local favorite! Many argue there’s no chicken like Gus’s chicken.

If you’re looking for a fine dining restaurant for a date night, then consider the Flight Restaurant. As more of an upscale and romantic dining option, the prices will reflect that. But the fare and food is excellent for what it is. The wine list is more extensive than the menu. You can sample a scallop benedict, elk, or a beef wellington. Whatever you opt for, you will surely enjoy your meal!

Many local Memphis patrons will say that Central BBQ in Midtown is the BBQ spot. Many will say it’s even the BEST BBQ in Memphis, with incredible brisket, sausage, pork and chicken. It’s the type of local restaurant that gets packed the moment the doors open up, which is generally a good sign! If you want real authentic Memphis ribs, then definitely check out Central!


If you’re in Memphis, then you know you’re close to the Mississippi. Looking for something free? You can view the Mississippi from the Big River Crossing, by jogging or biking across. This is the longest public pedestrian bridge across the Mississippi at almost a mile in length. At night there are more than 100,000 LED lights to light it up.

If you’re a music fan, then you have to visit Graceland. This is a must-see for any Elvis Presley & rock n-roll fans as this was his former estate that he bought in 1957. You can take a tour around his former home in Meditation Garden. His 1955 Pin Cadillac is still there along with his other car collection.

If history is important to you, then you may want to visit the National Civil Rights Museum. It is nearby to Beale Street (as mentioned above). Down the street is the Lorraine Motel. In 1968, this is where MLK was shot. It is not the National Civil Rights Museum and this hotel serves as a landmark for civil rights history in America.

The Children’s Museum of Memphis is one of the best museums in the country for children (and parents). There are endless displays that are hands-on for children to experiment with. With a flight simulator and a Mars bike simulator, there is enough here to keep your kids entertained for hours!

Need a Memphis Roofer?

If you live in Memphis, and your aging roof is starting to leak, don’t just call an ol’ roofing contractor. Call a local roofer whose roots in Memphis are as deep as yours. A roofer you can rely and trust on to be here for years to come. We value our reputation and standing in the Memphis community. We don’t simply chase storms and disappear when the next storm comes. We have been here for years, and will be here for many more to come! This is why so many homeowners and property managers have trusted our company for years, for both small and large jobs.

Whether you have an asphalt shingle roof that is in need of repairs, or looking to install a new metal roof on your home, we can help! Give us a call today. We provide one of the most thorough roofing inspections in the industry!

Your roof is one of the most valuable, and important assets to your home. Everyday your roof is exposed to the elements. Whether it is blistering sun, UV rays, hailstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, gusting wind storms, rain, thunder, lightning, or snow, your roof endures it all. Prolonged exposure to these storms can take their toll on your roof – even a 5 or 10 minute hailstorm is all it takes to damage your roof.

The damage to your roof is not always easily accessible from the ground, nor is it always immediately evident. It can sometimes take months for damage to rear its ugly head with leaks and water spots developing in your home.

These are a few reasons you should request a professional Memphis roofing contractor to inspect your roof after a storm:

  1. Roof Leaks

The most obvious sign that something is wrong with your roof is leaks pouring into your home. All it can take is a small crack or exposed shingle to allow a leak to enter your home causing interior water damage or mold growth. Leak spots can even be invisible to an untrained eye. This is why it is important to have a roof inspection after any severe Memphis storm to prevent small storm damage from worsening and leading to a leaky roof.

  1. Shingle Damage

Your roof’s shingles are one of the most important components of your roofing system. A break in the system and cause a gap in the functioning ability of your roof. If you have curling, broken, missing or lifted shingles from a storm, this can cause long-term roofing problems. A roofing inspection from a professional company can help you ascertain the health of your shingles.

  1. Roof Insulation

If your roof starts leaking, it may not only effect your living room or bed room, but in the attic as well. You will want a thorough roof inspection to ensure that your insulation is not damaged or wet because of a leak. Whether you have fiberglass or foam, damaged insulation can effect your home. So, it is another good reason to have a professional take a look.

  1. Roof Condition

A professional Memphis roof inspector will help paint a detailed picture of the health of your roof and your exterior following these storms. A roof inspector will assess damage to your roof, siding, gutters, windows, doors, and even decking or fencing. If there is debris collecting on the roof, they can help spot those types of problem sources before they worsen. If you have an ice dam forming, an inspector can identify that as well, and make any recommendations such as ice dam removal.

  1. Insurance Coverage

If you do have storm damage to your roof, you may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Many homeowner’s insurance policies cover Acts of God or Acts of Nature. This means that hail damage or wind damage to your roof could be covered by insurance, where you would just be responsible for your deductible, or whatever your specific policy states.

By having a professional roofing contractor come to your home prior to calling your insurance carrier, they can give an honest recommendation whether you even have an insurance claim or not. A responsible and professional storm damage roofing company will have handled 100’s of storm damage claims, and immediately be able to give you clarification on your situation. Filing a claim for not enough damage can be a waste of everyone’s time and resources, this is why it is good to have a contractor give an honest impression first.

If you do have damage, and it is denied, then you may know that future action should be taken. However, if your carrier denies damage, and you take it for their word, then you may never request a licensed professional to come out and take a look and find out that you truly did have storm damage worthy of a full roof replacement.

The entire process can be complicated, convoluted, stressful and confusing. This is why you want a licensed Memphis roofing contractor operating in your corner to ensure that your roof receives all the proper repairs that it requires. The sooner you begin the process, the quicker you can get your roof back to pre-storm damage, and it shows your insurance that you are a diligent and proactive homeowner.

Call The Best Memphis Storm Damage Roofing Contractor Today!

If you think your roof may have suffered storm damage, give us a call today for a next day storm damage roof inspection! We offer one of the most thorough roofing inspections in the Memphis metropolitan area! We will examine your overall roof and exterior health. We’ll look for all signs of wind and hail damage. We’ll analyze the structural integrity of your roof, look for any missing or broken shingles, the flashing condition on your chimney and skylights, roof seals, and if there is any plant growth on your roof.

We hold ourselves to an extremely high standard, and we pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction. For this reason, we’ve become a well-known name in the Memphis area, and are highly referred and reviewed because of our premium craftsmanship and customer service. If you’re worried that your roof has suffered storm damage, give us a call, just as many other local Memphis homeowners have done over the years. You’ll be glad you called the best!

No time is a good time for storm damage to happen to your home. But, when it does you need to remain calm and collected to handle the situation. The best thing you can do to help ease your stress is to call a professional storm damage restoration company in Memphis, such as ourselves, who can happen when a disaster strikes. Whether it is blistering hail, gusting wind, fire, falling tree or other acts of nature, you need a local contractor that specializes in this type of work. Particularly understanding the insurance process.

You want to hire a contractor that specializes in storm damage roof repair and roof replacement, and someone who has good relationships with local insurance adjusters, companies and prioritizes excellent communication with their customers. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and operate with integrity, which is why insurance carriers work with us so seamlessly.

Do you have a roofing insurance claim because of storm damage and need a specialist to help? We can help you through to restore your home to pre-storm conditions, and to navigate through all the chaos. It can be a very stressful time.

Here are some tips you should follow after noticing your home has suffered storm damage:

  1. You Should Review Your Policy

It’s important to understand your home insurance policy to know what is covered and what is not. You are always your best advocate, and this is YOUR home. You want to make sure that after any disaster or damage, you are educated on your policy to ensure that you receive all reparation you deserve from the damage.

The better you understand your policy, the more informed you are to speak with your agency or insurance carrier, and the contractor as well. For instance, some policies have riders and clauses for cosmetic damage (such as hail damage on a metal roof). Others may consider the age of your roof – this can effect a policy being denied or approved, and the amount awarded.

If you think you have damage, and you call your insurance carrier, they will send out an adjuster to inspect your roof. You will want to review your deductible information to understand how much you will need to pay out of pocket for any repair or replacement before insurance will cover the rest. It is better to always review this BEFORE any major disaster strikes.

  1. Take Detailed Evidence & Photos

It is extremely important to document all signs of storm damage in the form of photos for your insurance claim. Insurance carriers typically require extensive documentation during an insurance claim, and this is where photos can show the damage caused to your roof or exterior from a hail or wind storm. A quality roofing contractor will help you with this portion as they are on your roof. They should take detailed photos of all of the damage on your roof.

We can also give honest feedback whether the damage to your roof is enough to warrant a claim and calling your insurance, or if more minor repairs would suffice.

  1. Take Proactive Measures To Prevent Further Damage

Insurance carriers want to see proactive homeowners taking measures to protect their home from suffering more damage. We understand this and are sensitive that when an emergency roofing situation arises, time is of the essence. What starts as a leak could turn into water damage, mold formation, property loss, roof caving, and other major disasters that could be avoided if a roof is simply tarped or repaired quickly. We can help you with these quick measures to prevent future loss from happening, as more long-term work is discussed on replacing or major repairs to fix the storm damage.

4) Call someone with experience

This can all be stressful as your home is damaged, and you are trying to repair your home back to normal. Working with a local contractor that specializes in storm damage restoration, and working with insurance carriers will provide peace of mind for you, knowing that is one more thing off of your shoulder.

Call The Best Storm Damage Roofing Specialists in Memphis Today!

Allow our storm damage specialists help to restore your home to the way it was prior to that hail or wind storm. We have years of extensive experience in the restoration industry, and working with insurance carriers, on both small and extensive large loss claims. We can be the ones to help bring calmness back to your life after a powerful storm.

Our customers have left us raving reviews because they feel we are a contractor that can be counted on when your roof is damaged. We can mobilize quickly, and provide a free estimate for you and your insurance in order to expedite the insurance process. If you are looking for the best local Memphis roofers, and want a stress-free repair experience, then give us a call today!

With fall quickly approaching, it means the season is changing and before you know it, winter will be here! While your roof may not be the highest item on your to-do list, or top of your mind, it certainly is important to care for before winter hits. While Memphis winters tend to be more mild, and without the heavy snowfall of the Midwest or north Atlantic, we certainly see our share of cold temperatures and inclement weather in winter.

Finding a Memphis roofer may not be your highest priority right now, but keep some of these things in mind. By doing just some of the items on this list, you can save yourself stress and money down the road before something major happens to your roof.

These are 6 Ways to Keep Your Memphis Roof in Great Condition

  1. Keep Debris Clear From Your Roof

Debris isn’t always visible from the ground, but it can be a quiet killer of your roof. Debris can start to mound and pile on your roof, which can hold moisture. This is the opposite of what your roof is designed for, as it should be able to easily shed water away from your home. Not hold moisture.

The best thing that you can do is clear any twigs, tree branches or leaves that are piling on top of your roof. You may notice vegetation or algae forming, or even mold. If this is not quickly taken care of, this debris can lead to roof leaks, or worse, roof rot. Your underlayment and shingles can begin to break down from the water damage, causing expensive repairs or full replacement.

To clear this debris, use a broom or an object with soft brushes. Do NOT use a pressure washer, as this could cause more severe damage.

  1. Inspect Your Roof

Before fall begins, walk the perimeter of your home, notating any thing you see on your home’s exterior. This includes your home’s roof, siding, windows, gutter and doors. As fall turns into winter, you will have an idea if anything looks different.

One thing to look for is missing or blown off shingles. This can be a sign of storm damage to your roof, and could cause leaks to form. Look for curling or broken shingles. This is an indicator that your roof’s life may be nearing the end. Examine your roof for rusted flashings and caulking around roof pipes. With winter approaching, animals and pests may try to enter your home for warmth, so ensure there are no holes that they can get into (or if they have already made their way into your attic or home). This can surely lead to leaks.

  1. Empty Your Gutters

Since Memphis can experience very cold winters & snow storms, you may have seen ice dams form before. One way to help prevent this is keeping your gutters and downspouts clear of debris. Water that pools onto your roof, and sits there can build up as ice if it is not properly draining into your gutters.

Remove all sticks, leaves and pine needles on your roof. Be sure not to use a hose for your gutters as debris can get clogged into your downspouts, simply causing another problem. However, you can use a hose in your downspout to flush all the debris out.

Properly functioning downspouts should divert water at least five or six feet away from your home as you do not want water to seep into the soil under your home’s foundation. If you need a leaf guard or gutter guard, now is the time to make sure your gutters and downspouts are working at max capacity. With leaves falling in the fall, they could clog up your gutters.

  1. Waterproof your roof

Your roof should be a sealed and waterproofed area of your exterior to keep water from entering your home. This is particularly true on flat roofs as water can pond on a flat roof. One way to seal your roof is by using an elastomeric rubber coating to seal and protect your roof.

  1. Inspect your attic

If you aren’t comfortable climbing onto your roof, which is understandable as most homeowners aren’t and prefer leaving that to a roofing contractor, go into your attic instead! Your attic can actually tell you a lot about the condition and health of your roof. First, you can look for any stains or streaks in the attic that may be caused by leaks or water damage. Brown or dark spots could be an indicator of mold, which is worth a professional inspection.

If you notice your insulation is damp, this could be a sign of a leak in your roof. It is important to fix any problematic spots on your roof before your attic because the problems will simply return otherwise. You can replace the damaged drywall with new pieces, or simply repair the stains if you are not interested in replacement.

You also want to ensure your roof is properly insulated for winter. Ice dams form if heat is escaping from your roof. You want your attic and roof cold, otherwise ice dams form from melting snow. The warm air from your attic will melt the snow, and as the water runs down it will refreeze on your roof at the eaves, causing potential ice dams.

  1. Give Your Trees a ‘Shape-Up”

Overgrown trees are one of the most common external problem sources for roofs. We see many insurance claims that are filed because of storm damage to a roof from a tree limb or branch that has crashed into a Memphis home. These trees can snap when under major duress from high winds in a thunderstorm or tornado! A branch hanging over your roof is a problem waiting to happen! Even if a branch does not break clean through your roof, the branches can still rub against the asphalt on your roof’s shingles.

This is also how your gutters can clog up from the leaves falling off of those trees, and twigs collecting in your gutters. The moisture from that vegetation is how mold and mildew can start to form. What you will want to do is trim your tree’s limbs and branches to protect your roof from any damage in the future.

Call The Most Trusted Memphis Roofers Today!

If you’re worried that your roof may have been damaged from a recent storm, or want a thorough storm damage inspection from a reputable, local roofing contractor, then give us a call today! We’ve been serving the Memphis metropolitan area for years, and are highly reviewed and referred because of our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. We perform one of the most thorough roofing inspections in the industry, and take pride in being one of the best roofing contractors in Memphis!

7 Ways to Avoid Unexpected Commercial Flat Roofing Issues

As a facilities director, property manager or commercial building owner, you have enough on your mind versus adding roofing issues to your plate. Your commercial roof is an investment, and you want to ensure that you maximize its useful life. If you properly maintain your commercial flat roof, you can extend the life of your roof, while also avoiding any costly repairs or problems that can arise from lack of maintenance.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And this is true when commercial roof maintenance. By maintaining and monitoring your commercial flat roof or low slope roofing system before problems arise, you can heed off costly repairs.

Common Flat Roofing Problems

A roof leak never happens at a convenient time. They are costly, disruptive and inopportune. By staying ahead of problems before they arise, you help prevent premature roof failure, and also show your insurance carrier that you are actively maintaining and caring for your commercial roof.

After your flat roof is initially installed, you should inspect it with your contractor so that you can have an idea what it should look like in pristine condition. After installation, your flat roof or low slope roof will slowly begin to deteriorate for numerous reasons, such as weatherizing and storms. Blow-off and moisture can begin to cause havoc to your roofing system.

Hail, snow, rain, and wind can all damage your roof over the years. If a low-slope roof is not properly installed, rain and get under a faulty seam or flashing and cause leaks to develop. In the event that you need your flat roof repaired, you will want to be sure to hire a licensed and insured commercial roofer to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to restore your roof to full strength. Hiring the cheapest roofer for a repair or replacement can lead to additional expensive repairs in the future.

How to Avoid Unexpected Flat Roof Issues

  1. Make sure that your commercial flat roof is inspected twice a year

Your flat roof is a very complex roofing system. All it takes is one ‘weak’ spot to cause leaks to develop in your roof, or cause your entire roofing system to fail. Two inspections a year ensures that you are staying on top of any potential issues before they arise Similarly, you should schedule inspections with your trusted commercial roofer after any major storms to ensure there is no significant hail or wind damage.

  1. Stay on top of warranty information

Make sure you understand all of your warranty information. Not only the manufacturer warranty on the materials, but on workmanship as well. If a problem should arise, you will know who to call and what to do.

  1. Keep you roof drains free of any debris

Ensure that your roof drains are all working properly. There should not be any sitting debris after a storm, or if there are trees nearby, be sure that branches are not falling off or damaging your roof.

  1. Monitor repair spots

If certain sections of your roof have required patchwork repairs, be sure to monitor those areas to ensure that problem areas do not get worse. That means proactively checking copings and sheet metal and flashings.

  1. Monitor roof flashings for tears, peels & wrinkles

Deteriorating roof flashings are a quick way for roof leaks to develop. Make sure to monitor your roof flashings for any punctures or tears or peeling before it allows water to seep into your building.

  1. Examine for storm damage or delamination

Hail and wind storms can cause significant damage to commercial flat roofing systems. If hail punctures the decking on your roof, you want to make swift repairs or file with insurance if necessary.

  1. Examining around A/C units for signs of leaks or moisture

A major leak spot for many buildings is roof mounted HVAC units. It is important to see if there are any defects in seams allowing for water to leak into your building.

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