Your roof is one of the most valuable, and important assets to your home. Everyday your roof is exposed to the elements. Whether it is blistering sun, UV rays, hailstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, gusting wind storms, rain, thunder, lightning, or snow, your roof endures it all. Prolonged exposure to these storms can take their toll on your roof – even a 5 or 10 minute hailstorm is all it takes to damage your roof.

The damage to your roof is not always easily accessible from the ground, nor is it always immediately evident. It can sometimes take months for damage to rear its ugly head with leaks and water spots developing in your home.

These are a few reasons you should request a professional Memphis roofing contractor to inspect your roof after a storm:

  1. Roof Leaks

The most obvious sign that something is wrong with your roof is leaks pouring into your home. All it can take is a small crack or exposed shingle to allow a leak to enter your home causing interior water damage or mold growth. Leak spots can even be invisible to an untrained eye. This is why it is important to have a roof inspection after any severe Memphis storm to prevent small storm damage from worsening and leading to a leaky roof.

  1. Shingle Damage

Your roof’s shingles are one of the most important components of your roofing system. A break in the system and cause a gap in the functioning ability of your roof. If you have curling, broken, missing or lifted shingles from a storm, this can cause long-term roofing problems. A roofing inspection from a professional company can help you ascertain the health of your shingles.

  1. Roof Insulation

If your roof starts leaking, it may not only effect your living room or bed room, but in the attic as well. You will want a thorough roof inspection to ensure that your insulation is not damaged or wet because of a leak. Whether you have fiberglass or foam, damaged insulation can effect your home. So, it is another good reason to have a professional take a look.

  1. Roof Condition

A professional Memphis roof inspector will help paint a detailed picture of the health of your roof and your exterior following these storms. A roof inspector will assess damage to your roof, siding, gutters, windows, doors, and even decking or fencing. If there is debris collecting on the roof, they can help spot those types of problem sources before they worsen. If you have an ice dam forming, an inspector can identify that as well, and make any recommendations such as ice dam removal.

  1. Insurance Coverage

If you do have storm damage to your roof, you may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Many homeowner’s insurance policies cover Acts of God or Acts of Nature. This means that hail damage or wind damage to your roof could be covered by insurance, where you would just be responsible for your deductible, or whatever your specific policy states.

By having a professional roofing contractor come to your home prior to calling your insurance carrier, they can give an honest recommendation whether you even have an insurance claim or not. A responsible and professional storm damage roofing company will have handled 100’s of storm damage claims, and immediately be able to give you clarification on your situation. Filing a claim for not enough damage can be a waste of everyone’s time and resources, this is why it is good to have a contractor give an honest impression first.

If you do have damage, and it is denied, then you may know that future action should be taken. However, if your carrier denies damage, and you take it for their word, then you may never request a licensed professional to come out and take a look and find out that you truly did have storm damage worthy of a full roof replacement.

The entire process can be complicated, convoluted, stressful and confusing. This is why you want a licensed Memphis roofing contractor operating in your corner to ensure that your roof receives all the proper repairs that it requires. The sooner you begin the process, the quicker you can get your roof back to pre-storm damage, and it shows your insurance that you are a diligent and proactive homeowner.

Call The Best Memphis Storm Damage Roofing Contractor Today!

If you think your roof may have suffered storm damage, give us a call today for a next day storm damage roof inspection! We offer one of the most thorough roofing inspections in the Memphis metropolitan area! We will examine your overall roof and exterior health. We’ll look for all signs of wind and hail damage. We’ll analyze the structural integrity of your roof, look for any missing or broken shingles, the flashing condition on your chimney and skylights, roof seals, and if there is any plant growth on your roof.

We hold ourselves to an extremely high standard, and we pride ourselves on our high customer satisfaction. For this reason, we’ve become a well-known name in the Memphis area, and are highly referred and reviewed because of our premium craftsmanship and customer service. If you’re worried that your roof has suffered storm damage, give us a call, just as many other local Memphis homeowners have done over the years. You’ll be glad you called the best!

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